Western Sahara News

Illegal military occupation in North Africa: human rights and conflict irresolution  in the Western Sahara (12/16/14) 

北アフリカ不法軍事占領:西サハラ、人権と紛争への解決 (12/16/14)

Africa’s Forgotten (And Festering) Freedom Struggle in Western Africa (12/16/14)


Western Sahara: Obama and Ban Ki-Moon Are Called On to Make Morocco Release All Saharawi Political Prisoners (12/15/14)


The Independent View: UK Foreign Policy and Western Sahara (12/15/14)


WSRW Condemns Kosmos Energy Drilling in Western Sahara Waters (12/14/14)


Resistance in Occupied Western Sahara: women defining a society (12/14/14)


Algeria: ‘Sons of the Clouds’ Documentary Opens Algiers International Film Festival (12/13/14)

アルジェリア:アルジェリア国際映画祭にてドキュメンタリー映画『Sons of the Clouds』 開演(12/13/14)

Algeria: Pierre Galand Denounces Morocco’s Attempts to Buy International Community’s Silence (12/13/14)

アルジェリア:ピエール・ガランド( Pierre Galand )は国際社会への沈黙を買収するモロッコの企てを弾劾する(12/13/14)

Western Sahara: East Timor Reiterates Full Support to Saharawi Cause (12/12/14)


Western Sahara: Political Prisoners of Gdeim Izik Group On Hunger Strike (12/12/14)

西サハラ:Gdeim Izik グループの政治犯、ハンガーストライキ(12/12/14)

Algeria: Western Sahara – Tactical Military Maneuver in Sahrawi Liberated Territories (12/11/14)


A line in the sand: Fighting 40 years of exile in the desert of Western Sahara (12/10/14)


For more news on Western Sahara , stay tuned to SAHARA PRESS SERVICE, and RASD TV, the official public services of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)

西サハラの現状に対するその他のニュースは、SAHARA PRESS SERVICE、RASD TV , Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic(SADR)にて提供されています。

International Campaign for Release of Sahrawi political Prisoners: Today, there are 58 Sahrawi political prisoners held by Moroccan forces and around 520 Sahrawi civilians remain «disappeared», according to human rights groups. 


International Campaign against the wall of the Moroccan occupation in Western Sahara: The main objective of the campaign is to gather all possible international support to force Morocco to demilitarise its wall of occupation in Western Sahara, neutralise and remove the entire arsenal of destruction that it contains including landmines and explosive remnants of war.

International Projects

ARTifariti: Participants in ARTifariti 2014 join the International Campaign against the wall of the Moroccan occupation in Western Sahara.

ARTifariti :ARTifariti 2014の参加者は、西サハラモロッコ占領の壁に対して国際キャンペーンに参加します