Western Sahara News
President of Republic sends congratulatory message to his Mauritanian counterpart on Eid Al Fitr ((07/27/14)

President of Republic congratulates his Algerian counterpart on Eid al-Fitr (07/27/14)

On Cuban Revolution anniversary: Saharawi PM applauds Cuba’s support to Saharawi people struggle (07/26/14)

President of Republic condoles Algerian President following tragic incident that killed Algerian passengers (07/25/14)

Polisario Front denounces Morocco’s refusal to continue negotiations (07/25/14)

Uruguayan President reiterates solidarity with Saharawi cause (07/24/14)

Summer University of SADR Cadres to be held on 3-21 August in Boumerdes (07/24/14)

President of Republic oversees ceremony honouring Saharawi graduates (07/24/14)

South African Parliament pleads for Saharawi people’s right to self-determination (07/24/14)
Frente Polisario “strongly” condemns genocide in Gaza Strip (07/23/14)

Polisario Front denounces Morocco’s hindrance to negotiations and Ross shuttle tours (07/23/14)

Saharawi refugee camps: week of solidarity with Cuban people (07/23/14)

AI holds meeting about human rights situation in Western Sahara (07/23/14)

Adala UK urges Morocco to stop detention, maltreatment and torture of young Saharawis (07/23/14)

Progressive Alliance seminar hails Polisario Front’s policy on gender equality (07/23/14)

Zimbabwe and Namibia reaffirm support to Western Sahara liberation (07/22/14)

Counselor to Algerian president reaffirms Algeria’s firm position on Western Sahara (07/21/14)

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International Campaign for Release of Sahrawi political PrisonersToday, there are 58 Sahrawi political prisoners held by Moroccan forces and around 520 Sahrawi civilians remain «disappeared», according to human rights groups. 
International Campaign against the wall of the Moroccan occupation in Western SaharaThe main objective of the campaign is to gather all possible international support to force Morocco to demilitarise its wall of occupation in Western Sahara, neutralise and remove the entire arsenal of destruction that it contains including landmines and explosive remnants of war.
International Projects

ARTifaritiVIII International Arts and Human Rights Encounters in Western Sahara


Western Sahara and the Arab Spring: Noam Chomsky’s point of view on Democracy Now
Javier Bardem and the forgotten struggle of Western Sahara: Actor Javier Bardem is talking about the post-colonial struggle no-one wants to talk about – his new documentary shines a light on the 40 years of oppression for the people of the Western Sahara